SoleMates FAQ


Solemate FAQs

You are able to raise funds up to 30 days post race.

You only need to register once but you can use your website to raise funds for different races all year.  We will only send you one shirt, but you may qualify for more incentives as your fundraising goals increase!

We have that covered, you can register yourself and then create a team page.  Each team member pays the $25.00 registration fee, but can then fundraise towards the team goal.  The team only has to raise the $250, but of course we would love for you to set the goal higher.  You are not on the hook for your goal amount, so aim high!  For example,  I have a team of 12 people.  We commit to a goal of $2400, but we the team only need to raise the $250.00.

Yes, a generic thank you note and tax letter are sent out automatically from your SoleMate’s webpage.

Yes, an email goes to your email box notifiying you of every donation made to your webpage.

They can write the check to GOTR of Central Illinois and then you send the check to GOTR of Centeral illinois at 907 Clocktower Drive, Springfield, IL 62704 with an offline donation form.

Yes, and you can create and save new ones.  These are just there for your convience.